Lucy has been attending Tennis Tots for over a year now and we are delighted with the progress she has made both in terms of her physical skills and from a social aspect. It been great to have something active to do with Lucy at the weekend and we have lots of fun in the process. Lucy loves coming to Tennis Tots and we have found the programme to be so beneficial for her overall development. The lessons have a structured format, incorporating counting games, team games and of course lots of hitting tennis balls aswell.As part of the programme Lucy has also learnt about taking turns and sharing with other children which is so important at this stage of her developmet. We would recomend Tennis Tots to anyone as we thouroughly enjoy coming!

Harry has been coming to Tennis Tots for around 5 weeks now and absolutely loves the lessons. The lessons build week on week and he and the other children have all progressed really quickly. Harry not only enjoys hitting the tennis balls with “proper” rackets but also loves the other games which encourage running, catching, throwing and other skills. The lessons are fun, structured and varied and are just what we’ve been looking for. I’d recommend Tennis Tots to anyone.

“Kids Tennis At It’s Best”

Each week at Tennis Tots I can see my daughter’s confidence growing as she learns new skills and feels proud of herself.  The format is fun but structured so the children learn to sit quietly and listen to instructions – something that will come in handy when they start school!  Matt also manages to incorporate colour recognition and counting into each class. Overall I have been very impressed with the classes for the range of skills that are being taught.

“A Toddler group that is so well rounded”

We’ve been attending Tennis Tots for 3 months now and both enjoy it immensely. Phoebe has progressed impressively and loves all the tennis related games. The session is fast moving  and very active so no time to get bored! The kids are learning things like their left and right, numbers and colours without realising which is great! Waiting your turn and respecting others in the class is also taught which is good preparation for starting school and beyond. Phoebe loves practising what she’s learnt at home and often ropes family members in to join her in ‘bounce, catch’ and ‘jump, split’!

“Preschool activities second to none”

My son Kian started Tennis Tots six months ago when he turned 2 years old, from the outset he has thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Kian is a lively young boy and Tennis Tots is just the formula for running some fizz out of him.We have seen a great improvement in his ability to listen and follow instruction, Kian has learnt how to be an active participant in group activities including waiting to take his turn and sharing. He has also reinforced his knowledge of colours, shapes, letters, and numbers.

The lessons have a similar basic structure each week, so the children know exactly what is expected of them, however the activities and games change to keep the children’s interest, effectively preparing the children for an educational environment. The activities within the lessons are based around core skills relating to a number of sports and therefore give the children a good all round grounding for sport. Matt is an enthusiastic teacher, who allows the children to reach their full potential and gain in confidence as well as ability.

 ”Preschool games that incorporate the early years curriculum”

My 3 year old daughter really enjoys her Tennis Tots sessions and we have been attending for one year now. The classes offer Emily a chance to do fun but structured activities in a relaxed environment and the coach is very patient and enthusiastic. There’s also lots of activities that are easy to practice at home without the need to buy a racket. Although I think we might, as it was so exciting to see her hit a ball with a racket for first time (especially as I can barely do that myself!).I think going to Tennis Tots has really helped Emily to develop her eye-hand co-ordination, general ball skills and social skills like turn taking – although this is something we are still working on.