The Tennis Tots™ programme caters for children from 2-6 years of age incorporating the early years curriculum as part of the overall programme. Stage 1 of Tennis Tots™ is aimed at preschool aged children from 2-4 years and stage 2 caters for children from 4-6 years.

Stage 1 (2 – 4 years)

Stage 1 of Tennis Tots™ is designed to encourage balance, agility and co-ordination whilst helping to build each child’s self confidence. Children will develop throwing and receiving skills and also improve their confidence through fun games and skills whilst developing numeracy and language skills alongside their tennis. Coloured equipment helps to keep children stimulated and it is also important that children of this age begin to develop their social skills, and we promote these by encouraging Tennis Tots™ to share and take turns. Children will use specially designed rackets and balls to introduce them to striking and receiving skills and at the end of each session Tennis Tots™ are rewarded with stickers and given practice tasks to improve their skills at home with Mum or Dad. This is a progressive stage which moves the children on from hitting static balls to competent bounce-hit shots over the net.

Stage 2 (4 – 6 years)

Tennis Tots™ Stage 2 builds on the motor skill development and the early years learning goals from stage one and introduces more racket skills helping children become more familiar with how to control the ball from both sides of the body. In this stage, children will further develop their striking and receiving skills as well as being encouraged to work in pairs and as part of a team. Children will progress their counting and language skills as they develop more independence and get more comfortable listening to instructions and carrying out more complex tasks. As the stage 2 course progresses, children will be able to move on from simple bounce-hit shots to rallying, moving around a court and developing their control and technique.


Above all else, the Tennis Tots™ programme emphasises fun whilst providing a well rounded curriculum for children to learn alongside their parents. Our ethos is all about parent-child bonding, so we encourage parents to take part in the sessions. It is much more fun than watching from the sidelines and allows children to improve and develop at a much quicker pace!