About Tennis Tots

Tennis Tots Harrogate District is run by Matthew McTurk and Caroline Tingay

Tennis coach Matthew McTurk started Tennis Tots in 2009 when his daughter Sofia was 2.

Tennis Tots is an educational tennis programme for children aged two to six held in school halls and community centres.

Each class lasts 45 minutes and there are around 10 children per class depending on the size of the venue. The programme requires parental participation so a parent has to be there to work with their child.

There are two stages to Tennis Tots. Stage 1 is for two to four year olds and then Stage 2 is for four to six year olds. There are differences between the two stages because developmentally the children are in different places. For the younger ones we move between activities relatively quickly to prevent them getting distracted and for the older ones they work in pairs a little bit so they are learning about sharing and working as part of a team.

While our six-year-olds will graduate from Tennis Tots knowing their forehands from their backhands and being able to hold a rally, Tennis Tots is more about developing confidence, social skills and hand-eye co-ordination.