What can we expect to see at a typical Tennis Tots class?

You can expect to see many different exercises using specially designed equipment. Some exercises are used to develop perception and hand eye coordination and do not involve using rackets and balls, but of course each session will include some racket and ball skill development.

Will children hit a ball in every session?

Children will not always hit a ball over a net but there will always be a tennis specific core to each lesson involving racket and ball work.

Do I have to stay with my child?

Yes, parents play a key role in tennis tots classes and we expect parents to stay and be involved in each session.

Do I have to bring any equipment?

It is not necessary to bring your own equipment as rackets and balls are provided at all tennis tots sessions. However we do require all tennis tots to wear the official tennis tots t-shirt at each session.

How do I sign up to the Tennis Tots programme?

The easiest way to sign up to the Tennis Tots programme is to book a free trial session with your local Tennis Tots representative and they will advise you on the best group for you to attend.

Can Dads come along?

Absolutely, we encourage mums and dads to come to Tennis tots classes. Weekend slots are usually more popular for dads.

Where can I attend a Tennis Tots class?

Tennis Tots classes are starting at new venues every day. Please check the courses on the website for specific locations and times.

Can I set up a Tennis Tots group myself?

Yes, if you are able to form a group with friends or siblings then we can offer tennis tots sessions at a venue near you.

How do I pay for Tennis Tots sessions?

Contact your local Tennis Tots for details of how to make a payment.

Can we attend a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free taster session as an introductory offer.

How do I get my official Tennis Tots T-shirt?

When you enroll your child onto a Tennis Tots course you will be given your t-shirt at the start of the first session.

Does my child always have to wear their Tennis Tots T-shirt?

Only at Tennis Tots classes, we don’t expect them to wear the t-shirt all week. It is important however that the children always arrive ready with their Tennis Tots t-shirts to help us promote a team environment at every session.

Other Questions?

You may well have other questions. In which case please feel free to contact your nearest Tennis Tots or email info@tennis-tots.co.uk with general questions.